Struggling To Find The Perfect Residential Home Construction Lot? 3 Questions To Help Improve The Process


Most real estate purchases center around the basic features and amenities desired by the buyer and their family, such as room sizes and layout. This is because existing homes - those that have been previously constructed, owned, and occupied - make up the majority of homes sold each year. 

When the goal involves designing and building a new home, however, the initial search will be for the parcel of real estate on which to build. Instead of searching for the correct number of bedrooms and bathrooms, prospective buyers will be focusing on HOA regulations, boundary lines, and subdivision plats. 

If you are preparing to build a new home and struggling with the process of locating the right residential building lot for your project, here are three important questions to help improve your process. 

Should you consider a new or established subdivision? 

Since it is likely that you have already decided on a basic area for your new home, one of the your next decisions will likely be whether to build in an established subdivision or a new one with more available lots to choose from.

While there is no right or wrong answer to this question, it is important that you consider how the noise and activity of ongoing construction in a new subdivision might affect your family. This is especially true if there are several residential building lots for sale near yours. If tranquility is the goal, an established subdivision with fewer available building lots may be a better choice. 

Do you have some important proximity considerations? 

Traffic patterns and flow can be major factors to consider when looking for the right residential building lot. Prospective buyers who want a short, convenient commute to their place of work or their children's school will want to actually do a test drive from each building lot they are considering. Doing an actual test drive from the prospective home to each of your normal daily destinations will give you a good idea of both distance and actual drive time to each one. 

Will it be possible to situate your design correctly on the lot? 

Another factor that sometimes gets overlooked during the selection process for a residential building lot is whether it will be possible to construct the home properly on the lot you select. For example, a home designed specifically with large windows for the purpose of capturing beautiful sunset views may be awkward to site on some lots due to lot sizes, shapes, or the terrain. 

To ensure that you ultimately make a great choice for your family and situation, remember to work closely with a reputable real estate broker or agent who specializes in residential building lot sales. Reach out to a company like DeWitt Real Estate Development for more information.


17 January 2020

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