5 Quick And Dirty Military Relocation Tips For Your First Time


Nobody knows how to move better than a military member who has been in for a few years. You go from one location to the next with little notice, having to adapt to a new post, a new residence, and new friends each time. But what if this is your first military relocation? Well, then you need to keep reading to learn these tips!

Tip #1: Lean on the Pros.

DIY moves are a good money-saving choice for many people, but not for military members. You have so much to do already — you really don't need to be trying to list your house as "for sale by owner" or driving your own moving truck. Hire a good moving company and a good real estate agent, and let them do their thing. You'll save time, which in this case, is more important than money.

Tip #2: Start getting rid of things right now.

The longer you've been in your current home, the more excess items you've probably accumulated. Getting rid of the extras ASAP will mean you have less to move. As soon as you know you'll be relocating, start going through your rooms, one at a time, and setting anything you don't need aside to donate.

Tip #3: Keep a moving binder.

Staying organized during such a busy time can be tough! Keep a dedicated binder where you can store all documents related to the move, from your order paperwork to contracts with moving companies.

Tip #4: Wash everything ASAP.

You end up with so much laundry when you're in the military! You don't want to arrive in your new home with half of it dirty and unwearable. You may not know where to do laundry right away, or you might have to go buy a washing machine for your new home. Wash all of your clothing now, before you move.

Tip #5: Use up your liquids.

A lot of moving companies won't transport items like shampoo and condiments. Start using these up before your move. If you'll have some left, see if anyone else on-base can use them. Some of the newer arrivals may still be stocking up their kitchens and may want your half-used bottles of things like soy sauce and Ranch dressing. 

With these five quick tips, your military relocation can be smooth sailing! If you need additional help, ask some of the senior members on-base. They'll tell you what has worked for them.


21 January 2020

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