Have Family Members With Plant Allergies? Find An Ideal Home To Buy


After living in a rental for a while, you may decide that you want to purchase a house where you can raise your children through adulthood. While you may intend on coming up with a long list of wants and needs to make sure your family is happy, you should also know what to prioritize.

If you have family members with plant allergies, you will want to take certain details into consideration and prioritize specific features that can alleviate the concerns of allergy symptoms.

Central Heating and Air Conditioning

Getting central heating and air conditioning is a smart idea as it will allow you to control the temperature of every room. Even though you could open the doors and windows to create a cross breeze to cool the home, you may not want to take chances on letting plant allergens inside.

This can happen when you move into a house with neighbors who have grass, flowers, and trees that produce pollen. All it takes is a windy day for plant allergens to make it over your fence and across the property lines to reach your house and get inside with the doors or windows open.

With central heating and air conditioning, you can also make sure to use air filters that block out most particles in the air, which will reduce the chance of plant allergens getting inside.

Door and Window Insulation

While you may be able to stop most allergy symptoms from sprouting up at home by using central heating and air conditioning, you should also pay attention to door and window insulation. By prioritizing places with exceptional insulation on the doors and windows, you can feel confident that plant allergens will not be able to squeeze through the cracks and cause health problems.

An excellent sign is when the homeowners have replaced the doors and windows in the not-too-distant past, as this means age will not be a factor that causes insulation to wear down. During the tour, you will want to see if you can feel any outside air coming from the doors and windows.

Landscape Plants

Another thing worth doing when you are looking at home listings is to prioritize properties that you know are safe for your family members with allergies. If you are not able to find a property without any plant allergens throughout the front yard and backyard, you may just want to demand a minimal landscape that you can modify before moving in with your family.

With these tips in mind, you should feel great about buying a home and keeping plant allergy symptoms to an absolute minimum for affected family members. Contact a local real estate agent to begin looking at single-family homes for sale.


20 January 2021

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