How Your Realtor Should Be Helping With Buying A Home


A realtor plays a very crucial part in helping you find your next home. That's why it's important that your realtor is doing the following 4 things to make the entire process easier.

Find Homes Outside Your Comfort Zone

When you do a search for real estate online on your own, you are likely searching within a very specific price range and area. This can cause your searches to be quite limited, where you're seeing the same homes every time unless something new pops up that is recently listed. Your realtor should help expand your search and find those homes that are outside your comfort zone. This could mean going slightly above or below that price range, looking at areas slightly outside your desired area. This can help you notice homes that you would normally miss. 

Arrange Home Showings Quickly

When you are in a seller's market and home inventory is low, you often need to act quickly when you see a hot home recently go up for sale. That's why your realtor also needs to act quickly when it comes to scheduling a showing for a home. You should be able to arrange a showing on the very same day that you see a home pop up on the market so that you can potentially get in an offer before others in the area. If your realtor is delaying when they want to take you on a home tour, it may be time to find a new realtor.

Help Research Home Values

When the time comes to finally make an offer on a home that you like, you're going to need some assistance with making sure that the home is priced fairly and you are not overpaying. This is done by performing research on home values, which involves collecting data on similar homes that have recently sold in the past few years. This can give you an idea of where home values are heading and how much to make your offer.

Help You Build Your Team

Once you have an offer accepted on a home, you'll need to quickly build your team of professionals that will help the sale go through. This includes a home inspector, your lawyer, and even a lender. Your realtor should have recommendations that will help you narrow in on who you want to use, rather than have to start from scratch with your search. 


16 March 2021

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