Setting Up A Series Limited Liability Company


The formal structure of your business can be an important feature. In addition to impacting the operational flow of the company, this is a factor that could also contribute to the business's legal liabilities and risks. For many enterprises, choosing to form a series limited liability company can be the most practical option for their needs.

It Can Allow Multiple Entities To Operate

There are many instances where a business may have numerous subsidiaries or other enterprises that are a part of it. This can lead to some unique challenges that will have to be mitigated. For example, the business will want to avoid a situation where a legal issue with one of these subsidiaries will be able to cause problems for the rest of the enterprise. In these situations, the choice to pursue a series limited liability company can be an effective plan as this structure will allow each of the entities that are part of the primary business to be considered a separate legal entity. As a result, the business may be better able to manage its risk profile by using this structure.

The Finances For It Will Have To Be Strictly Followed

While a series limited liability company can offer numerous benefits to the owners and investors of the company, there are strict financial requirements that will have to be observed. One of the most basic will be ensuring that adequate financial record keeping is occurring and that the funds from the entities, investors, or partners are not being misallocated. Failing to comply with these requirements can have some significant impacts as it may even result in the business losing its license.  

A Risk Mitigation Plan May Be Needed For Each Entity That Is A Part Of The Company

Many businesses will pursue a series limited liability company structure as a way of mitigating the overall risks that the enterprise is facing. However, it is still necessary for the various entities that are a part of this company to have their own separate risk mitigation policies and strategies. These steps can help to limit the risk of liabilities from one of these subsidiaries spreading. Additionally, it can have the added benefit of ensuring that these subsidiaries will have risk mitigation plans that will address the unique liabilities and challenges that these enterprises will face as a part of their normal daily operations. Furthermore, these risk mitigation plans should be updated regularly to ensure that any new liabilities are assessed and planned for. 

For more information about series LLCs, contact a local professional. 


11 January 2023

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