The Condo Life In Florida: Reasons Why It Continues To Be A Booming Business


In real estate, property sales are either a boom or a bust. It is either a seller's market or a buyer's market, except when you are talking about condo living in Florida. Places like Wynmoor Village and other condo property lots are constantly booming, and it is almost always a seller's market. Here is why condo life continues to be a booming business in Florida. 

One Word: Retirees

When people in the north retire, they instantly think of going somewhere south where it is warm all year long. Florida is a common choice, with thousands of properties geared toward retirees and seniors. If retirees do not want to permanently live in Florida, they buy a condo and split their time between the condo in Florida in winter and their primary home up north in the summer. 

You Can Fit Hundreds of Condos on One Property

Condos can be stacked several stories high like a resort building. Hundreds of condos can exist all on the same property, and each of those condos spells profit for the owners and developers of the land. Condo living also creates a lot of jobs, which is supported and backed by the state's department of workforce development. 

All of Florida's Attractions

Florida is not just home to fresh citrus fruit and fresh-squeezed orange juice. It is home to several very famous theme parks, Cape Canaveral and NASA, beaches galore on all the coastlines in the state, Busch Gardens, aquariums, and dozens of other iconic tourist attractions. Living in this state comes with lots of perks, including annual passes to these attractions at a discounted rate. If you own a condo, and even if you do not reside in Florida year-round, you are still eligible for the passes and discounts to all things fun. 

There Is Always More Property to Develop

You would have thought that most of the property that could be developed in Florida has already been developed, but this is not so. In fact, it still has thousands of acres of land that once belonged to plantations and large farms that are slowly being sold off to the highest bidders. As the land is cleared and developed, it is turned into high-rise condos. Older properties with abandoned buildings are also being snatched up and turned into condos. People love the fact that they do not have to do any home maintenance on these properties, which is why more of them are being built. 


21 January 2020

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